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Originally posted by kiss_ayumi at Senior MPS and anti-racism activists attack Louis and Zayn for saying n-word and calling things gay

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson has been plunged into a race row after apparently using a racial slur in a video of him and a bandmate smoking a ‘joint’.
Bringing the under-fire band into further disrepute, Louis was today lambasted for using the word 'nig' - which fans say is a shortened version of the N-word - in the controversial footage.
The video, revealed by MailOnline last night, shows Louis, 22, and fellow One Direction member Zayn Malik, 21, passing round what appears to be cannabis.
Louis puts on an accent while speaking about drugs, then said: ‘It’s green only, nig.’
One Direction fans - as well as MPs and racism campaigners - demanded apologies from the band in light of the video.
They said the boy band had abused their position as role models and risked encouraging their young fans to copy them.
Simon Cowell, their ultimate boss, was also dragged into the row as fans sent him messages urging him to take action over the use of a form of the N-word.
Louis filmed himself and Zayn as they were being escorted by car to a show in Lima, Peru, on April 27.
In the footage, they can be seen lighting up a roll-up and passing it around in the car that is escorting them to the Estadio Nacional, where they performed to a 40,000 capacity crowd.

The pair then go on to a discussion in which the word ‘gay’ is used in a derogatory fashion, leading to criticism today.
With the sound of excited crowds screaming outside their vehicle, Louis and Zayn can then be heard discussing official band merchandise.
Zayn describes One Direction’s official book as ‘boring crap’ and ‘weird’ and Louis says it was ‘gay’.
Zayn replies: ‘Yeah and f****** really girly and just not cool.’

Today senior MPs and anti-racism campaigners warned that the language used in the video encouraged hate among young people.

‘They are adored by many people and they have a responsibility to set an example,’ the Conservative MP said.
‘People look up to them and admire them. If they have said this, they should make it clear that they accept they said it. They have got to understand that use of terms like this is very offensive to people.’
Peter Tatchell, human rights campaigner and director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, said: ‘For black or gay kids to hear these terms bandied about can be really hurtful.

‘They should not be using words that have prejudiced connotations. It’s really important for pop stars to avoid language that is racist or homophobic. Their words have influence and impact.’
Luke Tryl, head of education at Stonewall added: ‘One Direction need to get their meaning straight when they say the word “gay”.


wow i never watched the whole vid so i didn't know they were also calling things gay and "fucking girly" zayn and louis are both trash next.